الجمعة، سبتمبر 21، 2012

It's ironically awesome when life tries to tell you that wherever you are going to go, you can't run from your fate.
lately i've moved to a new work place, where i meet some new people. 
Same characters, different players, but WOW Could it be?
Some characters who I met before actually are there with different faces, The good, the bad and the ugly, the worst kind is the ugly one,
Those who don't show their real faces, just a foxy smile but all the dirt lies beneath
I really don't know where i'm going with what i'm saying here, but just felt that I need to tell life, that whatever you'll bring, I can handle.
As a matter of fact for each one ugly person, there is a good one who can erase all that ugliness and reveal a positive energy around.
So yes, life is unfair, It has 3 types of people, and while there are 2 types in the evil side, there is only one type who's good enough to survive among the others.
but yet, we are the champions, 
Bring it on.

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